Sightseeing in Bellagio

Sightseeing in Bellagio

Sightseeing in Bellagio

There are plenty of amazing sights to check out while your staying in Bellagio, with places like Cadenabbia, Como, Menaggio and the areas around Lake Como, it's no wonder why Bellagio has become a top tourist destination.

Menaggio and Cadenabbia

It has been said that the golf courses surrounding Bellagio and Lake Como regions are some of the toughest, most beautiful courses not just in Europe, but also in the world. One of these aesthetically pleasing courses is the Menaggio & Cadenabbia, which was designed in the early twentieth century and founded in 1907. Designed like an English links course there are a few trees, hordes of fescue, and a strategic layout utilizing the wind as an aide in ramping up the difficulty.

The course takes advantage of the natural terrain, and has steep hills and narrow fairways, each hole has it's own unique, breathtaking view of the Alps mountain range and Lake Como. This is one of the most challenging courses, Menaggio & Cadenabbia will prove to be a difficult test for even the most seasoned of golfers.


While staying in Bellagio you cannot help but notice the unique, three pronged body of water that is the beautiful Lake Como, however, this lake is by no means there purely for looks, Lake Como happens to be an ideal location for numerous outdoor water activities, here you can utilize the lake for all types of water sports and boating, this includes swimming, speedboating, waterskiing, windsurfing, kiting, canoeing, and sail boating.

Whether you want to have a friendly boat race or simply go water skiing with some friends, if you are more dedicated to your sport then look for a local competition to showcase your water based skills. The Lake Como area of Bellagio is a perfect location to spend a leisurely time.

Hiking Trails At The Alps

Another pastime exclusive to the Bellagio region are the Hiking and climbing trails, thanks to the surrounding Alps, Bellagio is a popular destination for hiking and climbing, if you would like to go on a nature trail somewhere within the hills or mountains Bellagio has hiking trails for all levels of experience, the same goes for climbing trails.

If you have never been mountain climbing before, there are easy trails and helpful instructors to make sure you experience your climb without getting hurt or putting your life in danger, but if you are a more experienced hiker or climber, your needs can be catered to as well, also included in this area are beautiful roads that allow for scenic drives.

Como Surroundings

While you are spending time in Bellagio, there is no reason not to partake in the beauty of the surrounding areas, if you choose to rent a car, ride a bike, or merely walk to one of these surrounding locations, you could you could find out just how beautiful the Italian countryside is.

Whether you follow trails out of your region, or merely check out what the surrounding villas have to offer, the areas around Lake Como can profoundly affect how much you and your family enjoy your vacation. Be sure to at least look into venturing outside your locale to give your family an experience they will never forget.

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